On Thursday, October 18, 2018, the GBI’s Perry Office arrested Melinda McSwain, 46 years old.  McSwain was charged with Kidnapping in connection to the Sabrina Long Missing Person Investigation.

On August 14, 1991, Sabrina Long was last seen at her home in Macon, Georgia.  The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office originally investigated the disappearance of Long.  The GBI was called in to assist Bibb County in April 1992.  This investigation has remained in an “Unsolved” status since that time.

The GBI has a standing policy that requires all investigative case files, including the old unsolved cases sometimes referred to as “Cold Cases”, to be reviewed several times each year.  By conducting multiple interviews as well as serving numerous search warrants in the Middle Georgia area, the GBI developed enough probable cause to secure an arrest warrant charging McSwain with Kidnapping.

This investigation is still very active and ongoing.  The GBI expects additional investigative acts in the next few weeks.  If anyone has information concerning this investigation, please contact the GBI Perry Office at 478-987-4545 or the GBI TIPS Line at 1-800-597-8477.

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  1. No samuel Douglas Horne rapped and shot sabrina long at our old family home 2415 Lambert dr. On the 15th Teresa dean same month on the 16th this year Robbie newberry in March I was not back 9 days when he killed robbie and his nickname is suitcase sammy weird that suit case was found in right near monroe county near Jackson Ga. The area that the bodies are included shyshy pate missing on Sept 4th my mamas Birthday? Off pate rd in monroe county that’s where I took detectives david Patterson to in 2015 who worked the case unless that girl mcswain was hiding outside I did not see her I think I would have known

  2. Misty, will you please disclose some more information? People are desperately out here searching for their missing loved ones, some of which were just children when they disappeared. If you have any information about the missing people you mentioned, I urge you to contact police. Please help bring these people home whether alive or deceased. Their families deserve closure. I am praying you will do the right thing. Also, I hope what you are saying is the truth because this is no laughing matter. It is cruel to give people a false sense of hope in these situations. The families of these missing people already have experienced so much adversity and have been through enough. So please Misty, if you truly know something contact the proper authorities.

    Dooly County Sheriff’s Office (Shy Shy Pate) = 229-645-0920
    Twiggs County Sherriff’s Office (Teresa Dean)= 478-945-3357
    Bibb County Sherriff’s Office (Robbie Newberry)= 478-751-7500


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