ATLANTA- President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released their new accountability guidelines for K-12 education on Monday. When comparing Obama’s regulations to Trump’s, the regulations are fewer and less specificity for the states.  The states still have to submit to their plans either by April 2017 or September 2017. Each state must require a 30-day review requirement from their governor before submission to Secretary DeVos.

Georgia has decided to submit their plan in September of 2017. According to the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) spokesperson, Matt Cardoza, Georgia will be delivering their plan to Governor Deal in June and GADOE will adhere to timeline as much as possible.  Trump’s new regulations do not require extensive community input as opposed to Obama’s regulations with a longer reporting template; furthermore, the new regulations do not require states to use the new reporting template aligned to the new regulations. However, GADOE has reported that it will use the new Trump reporting template to submit for their Sept. 2017 deadline.

Importantly, GADOE has stated that State School Superintendent Richard Woods (R-Tifton) will continue to involve state stakeholders, and will have a document available for public comment before final submission. Also, the GADOE staff will consult with the Council of Chief State School Officer’s organization for further guidance on Trump’s new regulations.  Other key accountability issues, such as data reporting for some students in a particular subgroup, is not well defined in the new regulations. This important measure appears to be left up to states as to how to define the number of students represented in a subgroup under Trump’s new regulations.



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