The Georgia Southern University Logistics and Supply Chain Management (L&SCM) department is ranked in the top 15 in the world by The SCM Journal List™ for empirically-focused research publications in leading supply chain management journals. Each year’s ranking is based on the research published in these journals during the prior five years. Ranking 15th out of 400+ programs, the L&SCM department is recognized for its continued excellence in research. The 2018 ranking is up seven spots from last year’s ranking.

“This recognition is very helpful to our institutional reputation, but it is especially important because the department houses a Ph.D. program in L&SCM,” stated Jerry Burke, Ph.D., department chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. “Ultimately, our Ph.D. students will benefit from this strong external validation when they are on the market. It also adds great value to our undergraduate programs in this field of study and informs our graduate programming. It is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of faculty in the department.”

The empirically-focused SCM Journal List™ annual ranking is based on shares of original authorship of publications in four widely respected journals (Decision Sciences Journal, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management and Journal of Supply Chain Management). These journals were selected by SCM Journal List™ based on existing lists such as the Financial Times and UT-Dallas journal lists, as well as a recognition that those lists included a set of journals that focused on analytical methodologies and also underrepresented journals that encompass logistics and supply chain management. To differentiate from other existing lists, the SCM Journal List™ ranking uses output from top-tier journals which publish research across a broad spectrum of supply chain research areas, in both the analytical and empirical arenas.

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Information from Georgia Southern University.

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