Chattooga High School continues to graduate patriots ready to join the United States Military forces around the world.

T.J. Worsham, Chattooga High School Class of 2019, is joining his father and cousin in serving his country through the armed forces. “I’ve always wanted to serve my country, and to serve my Lord and Savior and also to provide for my family,” Worsham said.

T.J.’s father John Worsham served in Air Force and his cousin Tyler Hardin currently serves in the Air Force.

T.J. selected the Army and will do his basic training in Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. In preparation for the transition T.J. is currently exercising twice a day.

T.J. will graduate from basic training 10 weeks from August 13th, which is his ship out date, not including holidays or weekends.

T.J. says his goals are to protect, and serve his country. “I want to fight for our country’s  freedom, and our rights to stand for what we believe,” Worsham said.

“Usually people say what can the army do for them. T.J. was more like about what he can do for his country,” Sfc. Wyatt said.

T.J.’s wife’s name is Katelyn Reasoner Worsham and he has one daughter, Adley Worsham.

He is the son of Donna Worsham and John Worsham.

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