Special Called Meeting/Budget Meeting

May 20, 2019

Summerville Depot

5:00 P.M.

(1) Call to order

(2) Roll Call

(3) Invocation


(4) Pledge of Allegiance

(5) Approval of meeting agenda


(6) Consent agenda (reserved)


(7) Reports and Presentations

A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey

                   i.   Introduction of guests/visitors

                 ii.   Other announcements/comments



     a.  City Attorney – Albert Palmour

b.  City Manager – Janice Galloway

i. Financial Report (Attachment)
ii. Comments

(8) Unfinished Business


    a. Consider authorizing Mayor to sign Quit Claim Deed between the

       City of Summerville and Akshar Investments, LLC:

          i. Discussion

         ii. Action





   (9)  New Business


a. Approve contract for gas main extension in the Applewood        

  Subdivision in Floyd County not to exceed $15,000(see attachment):            


i. Discussion
ii. Action


     b. Consider approving an agreement betweenSummerville/Trion

        Bancshares, Inc. and The City of Summerville for the lease of

        property located on the corner lot of E.Washington St and

        Economy St for $100 annually to be used as Depot and business

        parking.(see attachment):


i. Discussion
ii. Action

    c. Consider applying for a Grant up to $750,000 to be used to

        create an InterCity Green Space, parking area for downtown

        merchants, and Depot events behind the old Montgomery Knitting


               i.  Discussion

              ii.  Action


d. Review and Discuss FY 2019-2020 budget:


          i. Discussion

        ii.  Action


(10)  Public Comments

(11)  Adjournment

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