City of Summerville

P.O. Box 180

Summerville, GA 30747

Harry Harvey, Mayor      Earl H. Parris, Seat 3

David Ford, Seat 1                Joe Money, Jr., Seat 4

Lloyd “Buddy” Windle, Seat 2 Zachary Martin, Seat 5


Special Called Meeting

Summerville Recreation Center

March 25, 2019

5:00 P.M.

(1) Call to order
(2) Roll Call
(3) Invocation


(4) Pledge of Allegiance
(5) Approval of meeting agenda


(6) Consent agenda (reserved)


A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey

                i. Introduction of guests/visitors

              ii. Other announcements/comments



a. City Attorney – Albert Palmour
b. City Manager – Janice Galloway
i. Financial Report (Attachment)
ii. Comments
(7) Unfinished Business

     a. Approve Connie Howard as a Downtown Development Authority

        (DDA) Board Member:  


                 i. Discussion

                ii. Action





     b. Discussion of Animal Ordinance:


               i. Discussion

              ii. Action


   (9)  New Business

a. Approve Eurofins Eaton Analytical to preform required EPD

  unregulated sampling, in the amount of $15,064.00, to begin

  in May (see attachment):            


               i. Discussion

              ii. Action


     b. Approve May 6-10 as spring clean-up week:


                i. Discussion

               ii. Action

    c. Approve part-time Data Analyst position:


               i. Discussion

              ii. Action

     d. Review, plan, and discuss 2019-2020 projects:


               i.  Discussion





10)  Public Comments

(11)  Adjournment

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