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COLUMN: Do Endorsements Matter?

Greg Williams weighs in on the weight of endorsements.

COLUMN: The Villain is Always Self-Declared

OPINION PIECE by Jessica Szilagyi ---- "There is someone, in every single story, who makes the decision that they’re going to make the process difficult. Someone makes a concerted effort to inflate the cost of records, to extend the fulfillment period, and to move the target whenever possible."

COLUMN: Analysis on Georgia’s Republican Race for Lieutenant Governor

The following article is an editorialized opinion piece and reflects only the views of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. The Lieutenant Governor...

COLUMN: My Take on the GOP Secretary of State Race

The following article is an editorialized opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. AllOnGeorgia has...

COLUMN: The Radical Democrats

OPINION: "President Trump has agreed to a three week period to open the government and pay the workers that were on furlough. The story is not over. If the Democrats do not bargain in good faith the President must declare a National Emergency and build the partition with other funds if he expects to be reelected in 2020."

Column: Adoption bill will help Georgia’s foster children

Column: Adoption bill cuts down on red tap for Georgia's foster care system

COLUMN: The Lieutenant Governor’s Race is Already Over for Me

OPINION: Contributor Jessica Szilagyi opines on the outcome of the Lt. Governor's race on the Republican ticket and talks about why she found it to be the state's most disappointing race.

COLUMN: Our Country’s Leading Socialist

OPINION: Ken Herron discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's views on private prisons, healthcare, the economy, housing, and more.

COLUMN: No Constitutional Change Needed As Marsy’s Law is Already in Georgia Code

Georgia’s most controversial Constitutional Amendment proposed on the ballot this November is Marsy’s Law - Amendment 4 - which deals with victims of crime...

Column: Trion Drugs is Small Town Georgia

Last week, I stopped at Trion Drugs on my way back from Ringgold. I had been working all day, and needed to pick up...