Bill Simon

Bill Simon has been writing about politics since July of 2000 when he started his own emailed newsletter. In 2006, he started combining the emailed newsletter with posting stories on a blog titled

LG Runoff Race: Dark Money from Federal Swamp Spreading Lies About David Shafer

For about the last two weeks, not a day went by that I didn't get some postcard mailer slamming my friend David Shafer regarding some fabricated garbage.  The mailers were disclosed to have been paid for by an independent committee called "Hometown Freedom Action Network," registered in Georgia.

Casey Cagle: The Lyndon B. Johnson of Georgia Politics

The following article is an opinion piece and reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. After calling Georgia conservatives "crazy", deeming 2nd Amendment supporters as...

The Railroading of Nydia Tisdale by Dawson County

A look into the Nydia Tisdale case - a citizen journalist at the helm of transparency & politics in a day and age when the former is taboo in the latter.
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